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Optitour is a service that lets you create personalized trips according to your preferences.

Optitour from ICIA Technologies is a service offered by French engineering company expert in geographical data systems.

Our software workshop, our GIS component library as well as our research and development resources have allowed us to propose an innovative offer in the field of tourism for creating trips or just a simple touristic visit according to constraints and preferences.

Usage is simple, you just have to let yourself be guided through a wizard called magic tour.

Your tour will be organized and optimized especially for you in minutes and you will have the possibility to modify it as many times as you like.

Once the project is completed, it will automatically fit into the mobile application and you will just have to let yourself be guided. Optitour was created in 2012, the headquarters is located in Aix en Provence.

We want to help people create their tour packages that will fit their preferences which will make each trip unique and personalized.