Sharing and collaborations

Sharing and collaborations

Share the preparation of your trips with friends

Optitour allows you to share created trips with your friends.Giving them access rights, they can participate, share or modify.Once the project is finalized, you can post them on your social networks!

Share your projects before, during and after having creating them

Find out on Optitour persons wishing to make the same trip and exchange ideas. During your stay, find persons who are also visiting the same place and share a moment of encounter. Your trip is completed, put your thoughts online or your photos.

Create your souvenirs spaces

Taking pictures at the place of your stay, geolocalize them and integrate them into Optitour. The presentation of your stay with your friends will be even easier.
Let your family and friends comment on your photos, souvenirs...

Feed an information base

You're proud of your photos, you want to share your experience, then submit to the Community, your trip, you will help other Optitour’s users to have wonderful vacations!